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Whether you are just beginning your learning process or continuing your journey to reach newer and higher goals, SouthRock Academy can help you. In a matter of months, you can complete a career-focused  program that ensures you build a skill set to help our launch a meaningful career. Meanwhile, your children can get professional and flexible education by our highly experienced staff. In the end, SouthRock is the right step for you!


The difference between a "Group Lesson" and a "Group Class" is simple. A group lesson is a group learning one thing from one book. Group classes are a group of similar people who learn according to their needs and with people of similar age or level. This is an honest learning school and experienced teachers become very important! We are a learning institution that evaluates students and teaches a course to all students based on their needs and abilities, as compared to those other learning centers with inappropriate level tests, regardless of student skill level. Take the first step when considering where to send your child to study! Don't fall into the pre-test trap, which is not appropriate for your child. Choose a school that suits your child. The choice is yours. Use your time and money wisely. Help your child learn quickly and correctly! Keep them in a learning environment that adapts to their needs, and doesn't adapt to the profits of the education center. Call SouthRock Academy and find out why we are the best tutors & the choice for your son or daughter!


As one of Canada's premier learning providers, we offer solid programs that focus on helping our students develop the skills that are necessary to succeed in school in Canada. Our focus is to provide the best quality education to small groups of students and tailor the learning to their needs.   Furthermore, from our partnerships with private schools, colleges, businesses and the community, we are able to ensure you get to where you need to go in the most efficient way possible.

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