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As one of Canada's premier learning providers, we offer solid programs that focus on helping our students develop the skills that are necessary to succeed in school in Canada. Our focus is to provide the best quality education to small groups of students and tailor the learning to their needs.   Furthermore, from our partnerships with private schools, colleges, businesses and the community, we are able to ensure you get to where you need to go in the most efficient way possible.

Programs we offer in class

IELTS, CELPIP, CAEL, Cambridge, Immigration Test,
General English, Academic English and ELL,
Mandarin Language Learning, Mandarin Writing and Translation,
Chinese Drama,
AP/IB Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Elementary
Math and Science, High School Math and Science,
AP/IB French, Elementary and High school French, DELF for French
Spanish for Elementary and High School as well as DELF for Spanish
Private School and University applications and interview preparation

With a variety of programs, highly experienced teachers and an earnest desire to help our clients "make the first step, the right step," by providing tailored lessons and hands-on training, we can find the right fit for you. Contact us today!

SouthRock Academy online courses

We offer all of our elementary school and secondary school academic classes online, as well as many specialized courses for language tests and learning.  Our highly professional staff connect with students using various apps and software such as Zoom, Wechat and email to ensure a high quality of study with easy access.  Classes are available 7 days a week and run from 9am-9pm depending on your needs.

Not only are classes available for the regular stream curriculum but IB Level classes are available for all academic courses as well.

SouthRock Academy

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